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3. Chapters
Adopted on 26 October 2008 at 3rd GA
3.  Chapters
  3.1   [Objectives] According to the Charter of the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC), Chapters of AFHC can be formed to support the achievement of the goal and objectives of AFHC.
  3.2   [Definition] A Chapter of AFHC must be established by at least four full or associate members of AFHC, but may include non-AFHC members.
  1. A Chapter may be organized at the country, sub-country, or intercountry level.
  2. Membership in two or more Chapters by a member of AFHC is not restricted.
  3.3   [Recommendation and approvals] Formation of a Chapter is facilitated by a recommendation of the Steering Committee of AFHC and approval at the General Assembly of AFHC.
  1. A group of at least four full or associate AFHC members are eligible to apply to the Steering Committee to form an interim Chapter.
  2. Upon the receipt of a temporary permit from the Steering Committee, activities of the interim Chapter become effective.
  3. With a recommendation of the Steering Committee, the General Assembly of AFHC will consider the application of the interim Chapter and approve or disapprove it.
  3.4   [Administration] A Chapter reports its organizational structure and activities to the Steering Committee.
  1. An interim activity report should be submitted to the Steering Committee three months prior to the General Assembly.
  2. Annual reporting of activities to the Steering Committee is required.
  3. The Chapters may use the AFHC logo after completing administrative procedures.

Use of the World Health Organization (WHO) logo on related activities and materials are not permitted unless the official request is approved.

  3.5   [Dissolution] A Chapter may be resolved.
  1. A Chapter may decide to dissolve itself.
  2. The Steering Committee and the General Assembly may dissolve it.
  3. All Chapters will be dissolved upon the dissolution of the Alliance for Healthy Cities.
Application form to form a Chapter
Annual reporting form of a Chapter
Reporting form of the use of AFHC logo
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