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Minutes of GAs
 • Second General Assembly of the Alliance for Healthy Cities
    Sunday, October 29, 2006, 11:00-12:30

 Fengle Hall, Second Floor, Building 8, Suzhou Conference Center, Suzhou 

Chair of the Meeting:
Hon. Tan Yin, Vice Mayor of Suzhou City, China
Councillor Bob La Castra (Gold Coast); Councillor Jenny Hill (Townsville); H.E. Map Sarin, Vice Governor (Phnom Penh); Hon. Qian Xianghong, Vice Mayor (Changshu); (Kunshan); Mr. Chow Yick Hay, Chairperson (Kwai Tsing District, Hong Kong SAR); Dr. TSE Chun-yan, (Kwun Tong District, Hong Kong SAR); Hon. Lu Yi, Mayor (Luohu District, Shenzhen); (Macao SAR); Mr. George NG, Chairman (Sai Kung District, Hong Kong SAR); Mr. Ling Ming, Deputy Secretary General (Suzhou); Hon. Xin Ming, Mayor (Taicang); (Tongzhou); (Wujiang); Hon. Yang Fang, Vice Mayor (Zhangjiagang); Hon. Dr. Mitsuyuki Chiba, Mayor (Ichikawa); Hon. Akira Ishimine, Mayor (Miyakojima); Mr. Masayuki Nakamura, Director of Health Department (Nagoya); Hon. Takayasu Kuno, Mayor (Obu); Hon. Koji Taniguchi, Mayor (Owariasahi); Hon. Masaya Nishidera, Mayor (Tajimi); Dr. Choi Byung-Mu, Director of Public Health (Busanjin-gu), Dr. En Hi Cho, Advisor and Coordinator (Busan Metropolitan City); Dr. Rhee Boo Ouk, Director of Health Center (Changwon); Dr. Lee Hwankyung, Director of Dobong-gu Public Health Center (Dobong-gu, Seoul); Dr. Kwon Sun Jin, Director of Dongjak Health Center (Dongjak-gu, Seoul); Dr. Sook Joe Hur, Director of Health Center (Gangnam-gu, Seoul); Dr. Ki-Chul Song, Director of Health Center (Geumsan County); (Gwangjin-gu, Seoul); Dr. Choon-jin Oh, Chairman (Jeju Special Self-Governing Province); Dr. Kim Byung Sung, Director of Public Health (Jinju); Hon. Ha Young-Je, Mayor (Namhae-gun); Dr. Kwon Taeg-sang, Director of Welfare and Health Bureau (Seoul Metropolitan Government); Hon. Seo Chan-kyo, Mayor (Seongbuk-gu, Seoul); Dr. Jeon Hye Jeong, Director of Health Community Center (Seondgong-gu, Seoul); (Seosan); Hon. Kim Gi Yeol, Mayor (Wonju); Hon. Ki Bong Lee, Mayor (Yeongi County); Hon. Chong Ted Tsiung, Mayor of Kuching City South; Hon. Abdul Hamid bin Mohd Yusoff, Mayor of Kuching City North (Kuching); Dr. Lkhagva Byambasuren, Secretary of Council of Ulaanbaatar Region (Ulaanbaatar); Hon. Imelda T. Aguilar, Mayor (Las Piñas); Hon. Ma. Lourdes C. Fernando, Mayor (Marikina); Dr. Magdalena C. Meana, City Health Officer (Muntinlupa); Dr. Olaga Virtusio, City Health Officer (Parañaque); Hon. Abraham N. Tolentino, Mayor (Tagaytay); Mr. Nguyen Thi Mai, Vice Chief of Hue City (Hue); Dr. Pat Mowbray, President (Healthy City Illawarra); Dr. Albert Lee, Professor and Director of Centre for Health Education and Health (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Dr. Keiko Nakamura, Associate Professor (Tokyo Medical and Dental University); Mr. Peter Davey, Centre for Environment and Population Health (Griffith University); Dr. Eun Woo Kim (Yonsei University); Dr. Ok Ryun Moon (Seoul National University); Dr. Moktar bin Mohd Yusof, Ministry of Malaysia (Healthy Cities Malaysia National Agency); Dr. Clarence Orlando O. Consigna, MD. MOH (Center for Health Development for Metro Manila); Dr. Hisashi Ogawa; Dr. Karen Heckert (WHO/WPRO); Dr. Keiko Nakamura; Ms. Masafumi Yokose; Ms. Ayako Moria (AFHC Secretariat)
Call to Order
The Second General Assembly of the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC) was called to order.
Steering Committee Reports
Hon. Chong Ted Tsiung, Mayor of Kuching City South and Chair of the Steering Committee, reported on activities of the Steering Committee, October 2004 - October 2006 on the followings: (1) Chair of the Steering Committee; (2) Membership Recognition; (3) Report of Activities/Finance; (4) Plan of Activities/Finance; (5) Summary of 1st General Assembly and Conference; (6) Preparation for General Assembly and Conference; (7) Collaboration with WHO; (8) Information Dissemination and Exchange; (9) Committees; (10) Draft Steering Committee by laws; and (11) Nomination for election for Steering Committee members and election for new Convenor and Chair City.
Reports of Activities: 2004 and 2005-2006 (midterm)
Draft reports of activities of the Secretariat, 2004 and 2005-2006 (midterm) were presented by AFHC Secretariat, and were approved.
Financial Reports: 2004 and 2005-2006 (midterm)
Draft financial reports of 2004 and 2005-2006 (midterm) were presented by AFHC Secretariat and were approved.
Plan of Activities 2007-2008
A plan of activities 2007-2008 was presented by AFHC Secretariat and was approved.
Financial Plan 2007-2008
A draft of Financial Plan 2007-2008 by AFHC Secretariat and was approved after questions and answers.
Secretariat's Report
Dr. Keiko Nakamura, Head of AFHC Secretariat, reported on the main functions of AFHC Secretariat and activities on the following: (1) Coordination; (2) Handling of Administrative Matters of Membership Including Expansion of Members; (3) Information Dissemination of AFHC; (4) Facilitation and Encouragement of Information Exchange; (5) Facilitation of Capacity Building; (6) Data-banking and Preparation for Research Developments and Publications; and (7) Fund Administration.
By-laws, Steering Committee
A draft of Steering Committee By-laws was presented by AFHC Secretariat and was approved.
Election of Half of Steering Committee Members (term GA2006-GA2010)
Election of half or Steering Committee members (2 cities, 1 NGO, and 1 academic institution) with the term GA 2006 to GA 2010 was called. Suzhou, Ulaabaatar, Healthy City Noarlunga, and Chinese University of Hong Kong were nominated as candidates for this Steering Committee membership and it was approved by AFHC members.
Election of Next Convenor and Chair City of 2008
The Steering Committee proposed Ichikawa City, Japan, as a candidate for the next Convenor and Chair City of AFHC, which will be held in 2008. Hon.Dr. Mitsuyuki Chiba, Mayor of Ichikawa City, Japan, made a proposal speech. It was approved by AFHC members.
Other Business
- Working Committees
Roles of four working committees (Membership Committee, Newsletter Committee, International Promotion Committee, and Exhibits Committee) were discussed. Strengthening working committees by encouraging more AFHC members to participate in them was discussed. Mayor Tan Ying, Suzhou, proposed to promote exchange of information and to provide guidance/training opportunities at proper time. It was discussed that close collaboration between working committees and Steering Committee will help activate the activities of the Alliance.
- Chapters
Sai Kung District, Hong Kong SAR shared a discussion to form a Hong Kong Chapter and raised questions on how to do that. Gold Coast City raised a question of the roles of the Chapters and how to develop a Chapter. It was discussed that it is generally encouraged to expand activities by cities which shares some common characteristics and to strengthen AFHC by forming Chapters. It was discussed that the Steering Committee will work out a simple guideline for Chapters.
- Fifth Steering Committee Meeting
Announcement of the Fifth Steering Committee Meeting (Monday, October 30, 2006, 9:00-10:30) was made. Next Convenor City, Working Committee members and potential members of working committees were invited to attend this meeting as observers.
Adjournment of the Second General Assembly of the Alliance for Healthy Cities.
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